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The PEACE Method

Lose weight for good (goodbye diets!) and find your confidence again.

A 4-month 1:1 concierge nutrition program for busy moms who want to
stop the constant dieting, feel confident in their bodies, and find lasting weight loss.

This is a no-obligation free chat to learn about the program, share your weight loss and nutrition goals, and ask any questions about how I can support you in achieving these goals.

Are you sick of dieting only to re-gain the weight?

Dieting may have worked for you in the past... until it didn't, and you gained the weight back. 


You keep trying and trying and it feels like a never-ending frustrating diet cycle that only leaves you feeling worse in your body (that beautiful body that carried your babies!).


You wish you could love your body for creating life, while also wanting to lose weight and feel amazing (and like yourself) again. But most days it seems so far out of reach - like a battle against your body you just can't win.


Your body changed A LOT after having kids, and as much as you keep trying (and I know you are!), the reality is... you have less time to exercise, meal prep and make healthy choices.


You are operating on less sleep, with more stress and exhaustions. And your metabolism is not the same as it was in high school.

Mama, this is so hard. This is a tough game. If this is you, if you've ever felt this way, you're not alone.

It gets better.


Imagine if you could...

  • Lose weight while eating your favorite foods

  • Feel good in your body and confident finding clothes you feel amazing in

  • Manage cravings so you're not reaching for the ice cream night after night

  • Say goodbye to decision fatigue - know exactly what to cook for you and your family

  • Understand what to order to support weight loss when dining out or traveling

  • Build up a positive body image (so you can be a role model for your kids)

  • Put a stop to emotional eating, and learn other strategies beyond food

  • Exercise in a way that feels like fun (and not like punishment)

  • Boost your energy... to crush your kickass job, or chase after your kids, or have the brain power to fight through algebra homework (or all of the above!)

Image by Ella Olsson

All of this is possible...

Andrea, 35

"I feel so much more freedom around food.... I think about food, but I'm not obsessing about food. I don't know if I can even express how HUGE this is for me. Food no longer rules my life. I've been seeing dietitians for over 10 years... Melissa is the first one to actually present a balanced approach to me that WORKS. She really feels like your *partner* in health, where many professionals I've worked with do not."

Leslie, 54

"Melissa is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and how food impacts every aspect of your life; physically, psychologically, and socially. Health and nutrition has become a part of my every day life, decisions, and goals. My family is much more mindful of eating healthy and understands how food makes us feel. I am not perfect everyday but I know I have the skills to reset."

Abby, 38

"You will never regret investing in your health and yourself. You can buy all the new clothes in the world but if you don't feel good from the inside out a new sweater won't solve your problems. At the end of the day working with someone who is ON YOUR SIDE 100% OF THE WAY is priceless. Working with Melissa is like having a best friend/ cheerleader/ coach/ teacher/ therapist all in one who only wants the best for you and is also going to keep you accountable to your goals."
What others are saying about the PEACE Method

Let's do this, together.

The PEACE Method was carefully crafted based on my nutrition expertise and years of supporting dozens of busy moms in their weight loss journeys.

With 1:1 coaching, you get on-demand access to me - a registered dietitian and nutrition coach who is also a busy mom, in the thick of it with you (by the way, my story is below!). I get exactly where you are.


This program is designed to make sure you've got the right support, accountability and individualized attention to reach your weight loss goals.

You're a mom, I'm a mom, you're busy - I get it. It's intimidating to meet someone through the internet. I want you to know there's no obligation to work together when you schedule a free strategy call. In this free consult, you get to share with me your dreams for nutrition and weight loss, and I get to honestly tell you if my program is a good fit. If you're struggling with weight loss and confidence, let's get on a call to talk about it. 

Let's build your confidence, lose weight for good, and find your PEACE.

Let's do this, together.

About Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa, a registered dietitian and busy mom of two!

I help busy moms go from constant dieting and feeling frustrated with their bodies to feeling confident and losing weight for good.

I have a personal history with fad diets, restriction and binging. I healed my relationship with food by learning about nutrition - and it prompted me to want to become a registered dietitian to help other women heal their own relationships with food.

And then I had kids... And realized the uniqueness of motherhood when it comes to weight management, body image, confidence and energy. 

Weight loss does not occur in isolation - we need to understand the basics of nutrition, but it's so much more. You are a whole person (with a job, friends, hobbies, travels, and families) - and we need to treat nutrition as one facet within your whole life. 

I created the PEACE Method to guide you through building a healthy relationship with food, teach you how to manage your cravings and boost your energy, and lose weight for good - so you never have to diet again.

Because mama, your brain deserves to be focused on all the other beautiful things in your life... and not the calories or points or macros of each bite of food.


The PEACE Method

A 1:1 concierge nutrition program proven to help busy moms go from constant dieting and frustration with their bodies to confidence and lasting weight loss.


Past to Present

Dive into your nutrition history to understand the effect it has on your relationship with food today, so going forward you can finally put an end to the constant dieting cycle.


Energy Balance

Learn how to: eat to manage cravings, build & balance your plate to keep you satisfied & full, cook easy recipes, meal prep to work for your busy life, and dine out & still lose weight.


Attention to Mindset

Develop a healthy relationship with food, build up a positive body image, and put an end to emotional eating - by challenging perfectionism, self-doubt and the all-or-nothing mindset.


Confidence Building

Celebrate the small wins and reinforce the habit changes to really solidify your improved lifestyle and confidently sustain your weight loss long-term.


Enhanced Lifestyle

Optimize your weight loss & healthy lifestyle by supporting ALL aspects of your health, including exercise for your busy life, stress management and sleep quality.

The PEACE Method is not a cookie-cutter weight loss program. Here's a closer look at what you'll experience when we work together:

4-month 1:1 concierge nutrition program

  • 12 weekly Zoom sessions, including one 60-minute initial consult and eleven 30-minute follow-ups

  • Photo food journaling in Practice Better with frequent feedback from Melissa - so you know exactly how to make changes in real-time and stay accountable to your weight loss plan

  • Private text and voice messenger in Practice Better with Melissa - like having a dietitian in your pocket for all of your burning questions, motivation and hand-holding in between Zoom sessions

  • Customized meal plans and recipe collections



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