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Client Testimonials

Melissa Schuster gets it. She gets the issues around food. She gets the psychology around food. She gets that sometimes it’s hard to keep your food choices in the healthy column. And she knows what food can do to your body. But she’s game to help you. With a patient ear, a warm demeanor, and a fully open approach, she will help you with recipe suggestions, restaurant menu selections, snack choices, and more.

I came to Melissa because I wanted to lose weight, and in five months, I’d shed the pounds I needed to lose. But two years later, I’m still my svelte self because Melissa has shown me how to live in the world, how to make lifestyle changes and how to forgive myself for momentary lapses. She also helped me shave points off my LDL cholesterol. My doctor wanted me to go on a statin, but thanks to Melissa, I do not need to take meds to keep my cholesterol in check.

Not only am I in a smaller size, but I am a healthier person. That’s the most important accomplishment of all—and Melissa helped me get there. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Andrea, NY, 61

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