Nutrition for the whole person

Many struggle with chronic physical and emotional symptoms that could be improved through small changes in eating.

The problem is that food is not just food. Yes, food sustains survival. Yes it can serve as medicine. But food has a fundamental emotional connection to a person's whole being.

People face information overload from a range of sources that promise magical one-size-fits-all eating regimens.

Even those facing symptoms associated with chronic inflammatory diseases (including arthritis, eczema, psoriasis and heart disease) often receive limited guidance on what they can eat and how to actually make changes that stick.


Understand the roots

A nutrition program should consist of more than simply dealing with surface level symptoms.

Investigating root factors in a person's environment - such as stress, relationships, sleep and physical activity - are integral to designing and implementing effective nutrition interventions.

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Health Shake

Decode the science. 

Apply to lifestyle.

Clients should be met where they are at rather than overwhelmed with information. An explanation of the science is due – not just “eat this not that” but why, and how it integrates with your overall health.

With many chronic diseases, people are told to “lose weight, eat better, and exercise", often receiving little more than a one-pager with tips on what to avoid.

Schuster Nutrition provides missing guidance – because it is our belief that simple changes sustained can liberate people to live their lifestyle.


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